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IFTA Renewals

Renewal Information

IFTA Renewal period is from October 1st to March 1st. This application will not be available March 2nd through September 30th.

Renewal Fees:

  • $10.00 for the 1st vehicle
  • $1.00 for each additional vehicle

Payment methods:

  • You can pay online by electronic check
  • You can print a Renewal Voucher and mail in your payment

Requirements to file IFTA Renewal:

  • Please review the questions and requirements in the "Helpful Hints" section

Requirements to use the IFTA Renewal System online:

  • MUST have an IFTA license number and a Kansas I.D. number to enter into the application. These numbers are located on your IFTA Renewal Application Form or current license on file.

  • ALL of your IFTA returns MUST be filed up-to-date through 3rd quarter if renewing prior to December 1st. Any renewals recieved after December 31st will require 4th quarter IFTA return to be filed.

Common Questions

Must I reapply each year for an IFTA License?

Yes. You will be mailed a renewal application prior to the expiration of your current credentials.

How soon can I place the renewed IFTA license and decals on my trucks, and is there any grace period to get them on?

The license and decals are not valid until December 1, at which time they can be used immediately. All active carriers, who have filed their renewal prior to December 31, shall be allowed to run on prior year IFTA decals and license for the first two months of the following year allowing time to distribute the license and decals.

The original license must be kept in your files. Photostatic copies of the license can be made and must be carried in each qualified vehicle when traveling in an IFTA state. Decals must also be displayed and positioned in the appropriate area on the vehicle. Refer to the back of the decal for instructions on where to place the decal. To avoid a citation, always carry a copy of the current years' IFTA license and have the decals properly positioned on the vehicle when traveling in an IFTA state.

What member jurisdiction must I obtain my IFTA License/Renewal in?

The member jurisdiction where the qualified motor vehicles are based for vehicle registration purposes and:

  • Where the operational control and operational records of the licensee’s qualified motor vehicles are maintained or can be made available; and
  • Where some travel is accrued by qualified motor vehicles within the fleet.

The commissioners of two or more affected jurisdictions may allow a person to consolidate several fleets that would otherwise be based in two or more jurisdictions.

The following is reviewed before your renewal can be processed.

  • Has your business entity changed? If your company is currently registered using a social security number and you provide a FEIN on this renewal due to a change in your business entity, you will need to complete a new application. DO NOT RETURN THE RENEWAL FORM.
  • Have you provided the names, addresses and social security numbers of officers of your company?
  • Have you filed your IFTA returns up to date through the 3rd quarter if applying before December 31st and 4th quarter if you are renewing after that date?
  • Have you paid any account balance in full? If you are filing your renewal through the Internet you can pay any account balance by EFT.
  • Have you attached a power of attorney for signatures other than a corporate officer, owner or partner that is listed on renewal application? (Only for renewals mailed in.)
  • Have you enclosed the appropriate fees for the number of decals requested?