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Welcome to the online payment system for the Kansas Athletic Commission. This form is for contestants, AMMA and Seconds.

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Disciplinary Actions

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Legal Disclaimer

I hereby certify and attest that all of the information provided herein is true and accurate. I acknowledge the right of the Kansas Athletic Commission to verify this information and take appropriate legal action if such information is deemed false or misleading.

Fighter Disclaimer

For boxing, amateur kickboxing and full contact karate and professional mixed martial arts:

Contestant voluntarily and knowingly agrees to participate in a kickboxing, karate or mixed martial arts event. These activities are dangerous. Contestant hereby acknowledges he/she may suffer permanent physical injuries from these events, either in a single event or from participating in multiple events. Contestant hereby releases the promoter and State of Kansas, or any agent, representative or employee thereof, from any and all claims of liability, known or unknown at this time, arising from injuries, mental and physical, which may be sustained by contestant during participation in any of these events.

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