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Behavioral Sciences License Renewal

Helpful Hints

Why is another organization collecting renewal fees for the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB)?
Kansas.gov is acting as an agent of the BSRB. Kansas.gov will collect payment and demographic information for the license before passing the information and fees along to BSRB.

Why is there a fee charged to use this service?
Kansas.gov is a self-supporting network 0 no tax dollars are used to run the network. Currently, the network contains over 100,000 pages of information and dozens of free services, all designed to help the public to interact more efficiently and easily with their state government. We offer businesses and individuals an alternative way to access information and to perform transactions with the state in a more convenient and cost effective way. A large majority of the information found on the network is free, this is possible due to the funds we receive from the few fee services such as this application.

Is the application secure?
Kansas.gov has dealt in online government transactions since 1991. Since our inception, we have handled millions of dollars worth of e-government transactions.

We utilize Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol for Internet transaction security. This SSL protocol allows Kansas.gov to deliver server authentication, data encryption and message integrity. Every step of the process, from the initial submission to the final settlement, has been built with the most advanced yet user-friendly security features available.

Can I get an extension?
Extensions are not granted on renewal dates. If you do not renew your license before it expires you will need to reinstate it.

Do I need to send my continuing education documentation with my renewal?
No, only if you are audited. You will receive a notice of audit after we have received your renewal application. At that time, documentation is required to be sent to us.

If I hold 2 licenses how do I count the CEU's?
If you have the same renewal date for both licenses you can count the same CEU's for both licenses. If the licenses do not have the same renewal date, you must complete the CEU's within the 24 months previous to your renewal date.

Are any pre-approved continuing education classes offered?
Not at this time.

How will I know if a workshop/seminar will be approved or counted toward my CEU's?
At this time, continuing education programs are not pre-approved through the BSRB. A general guide to remember is, "If the presentation, workshop and/or seminar is clearly related to the enhancement of your professional practice, values, skills and knowledge, then it should be acceptable."

Who needs 6 hours of diagnosis and treatment (DSM IV), and when will that be required?
All licensees except LBSW are required to have 6 hours of diagnosis and treatment. This will be required for those who renew after Jan 1, 2002.