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  • Rehabilitation Transition Services, Kansas

    Transition planning services are available to help special education students with severe disabilities plan for a smooth transition from school to employment.

  • Respiratory Care Society, Kansas

    Educate, advocate, and promote the profession and practice of Respiratory Care

  • Restaurant and Hospitality Association, Kansas

    To represent Kansas’ restaurants, hotels, motels, country clubs, private clubs and allied businesses and serve the interests of the members of the foodservice and hospitality industries in Kansas. To lobby for industry friendly legislation, to promote quality food and services, to offer value added member services, and to be the resource for industry information and education to our members, their employees, government, media, and all other interested parties.

  • Revenue, Kansas Department of

    Overview of the divisions in the Department of Revenue. Contains background on the administrative responsibilities of each division and links to information for that division. This site also links to job opportunities within the Department of Revenue, current news releases and information on the Secretary of Revenue.

  • Revisor of Statutes

    Chief responsibilities of the Revisor of Statutes include drafting legislative documents, performing legal research, revising or clarifying existing Statutes, and consulting with the Legislature.

  • Rural Water Association, Kansas

    Provides training and onsite assistance to cities and rural water districts statewide.

  • SAFE KIDS, Kansas

    A coalition dedicated to preventing unintentional injuries to Kansas children ages 0-14.

  • School Boards, Kansas Association of

    KASB is a not-for-profit organization located in Topeka, Kansas and dedicated to serving members of governing boards for unified school districts, community colleges, area vocational-technical schools and cooperatives, interlocals and regional service centers.

  • School for the Blind, Kansas State

    Provides intensive and highly specialized teaching methods focused on the unique needs of students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities.

  • Secretary of State, Kansas

    The Office serves all Kansans by performing numerous statutory duties related to the administration of statewide elections, business entities and the uniform commercial code.

  • Securities Commissioner, Kansas

    The mission of the Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner (KSC) is to protect and inform Kansas investors; to promote integrity, fairness, and full disclosure in financial services; and to foster capital formation.

  • Self-Insurers, Kansas Association of

    KSIA mission includes maintaining an active interest in Kansas workers compensation and keeping members informed of trends, pending legislation and regulations that affect self-insurers.

  • Sentencing Commission, Kansas

    To develop post-implementation monitoring procedures and reporting methods to evaluate guideline sentences; to advise and consult with the secretary of corrections and members of the legislature in developing a mechanism to link guidelines sentence practices with correctional resources and policies, which includes review and determination of the impact of the sentencing guidelines on the state's prison population; to consult with and advise the legislature with reference to implementation, management, monitoring, maintenance and operations of the sentencing guidelines system; and to make recommendations to the legislature relating to modification and improvement of the sentencing guidelines.

  • Sheriffs' Association, Kansas

    Unites the Sheriffs of the State of Kansas to better educate themselves, their staffs and the public on law enforcement issues in our state.

  • Society of Association Executives, Kansas

    Conduct and cooperate in courses of study for the benefit of association executives and to acquire, preserve and disseminate valuable information relative to the functions and accomplishments.

  • Soybean Association, Kansas

    The mission of the Kansas Soybean Association is to serve as the voice and advocate for soybean-farmer–members.

  • Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Kansas

    Promote the interests of and provide the highest quality services for professionals in audiology, speech-language pathology, and speech and hearing science; and advocate for people with communication disorders.

  • State Employee Compensation Oversight Commission

    Charged with the development of a new pay plan for State employees that is to be presented to the 2008 Legislature. The Commission is made up of 11 members from all three Branches of State Government who will work together on the Commission’s task.

  • State Fair, Kansas

    Information about the Kansas State Fair, including daily programs

  • Tax Appeals, Kansas Board of

    Information on forms and flowcharts for appeals, BOTA regulations and more

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