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  • Human Rights Commission, Kansas

    Mission is to prevent and eliminate discrimination and assure equal opportunities in all employment relations, to eliminate and prevent discrimination, segregation or separation, and assure equal opportunities in all places of public accommodations and in housing.

  • Independent Oil and Gas, Kansas Association of

    Provides up-to-date oil and gas information to members.

  • Indigent's Defense Services, Board of

    The statutory mission of the State Board of Indigents' Defense Services is to provide, supervise and coordinate, in the most efficient and economical manner possible, the constitutionally and statutorily required counsel and related service for each indigent person accused of a felony and for such other indigent persons as prescribed by law.

  • Information Network of Kansas

    Ten member public/private board of directors responsible for the oversight and management of the official state portal, Kansas.gov, and delivery of eGovernment solutions.

  • Insurance Agents, Kansas Association of

    Kansas Association of Insurance Agents (KAIA) is dedicated to promoting and advancing the interests of the independent insurance system.

  • Insurance Department, Kansas

    The Kansas Insurance Department was established by the Kansas Legislature in 1871. The major functions of the Department are to regulate and review companies for financial solvency and regulatory compliance, educate consumers, assist consumers, and license agents selling insurance products in the state.

  • InterHab

    A resource network for Kansans with disabilities.

  • Investigation , Kansas Bureau of

    Dedicated to providing professional investigative and laboratory services to criminal justice agencies, and the collection and dissemination of criminal justice information to public and private agencies for the purpose of promoting public safety and the prevention of crime in Kansas.

  • Judicial Administration, Office of

  • Judicial Council

    Works to improve the administration of justice in Kansas by continuously studying the Judicial System and related areas of law, recommending changes when they are considered appropriate, and by preparing publications which further this mission.

  • Juvenile Justice Authority, Kansas

    News about prevention and corrections in juvenile justice.

  • Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals

    The mission of KAAP is to create one unified organization for addiction and prevention professionals in the state of Kansas.

  • Kansas Attorney General

    KSAG promotes public safety, consumers and taxpayers. Also, provides quality legal services for the State and its agencies. You can find information about the other services they provide, such as concealed carry licenses and crime victims services. You can file a complaint, check out the list of Kansas’ most wanted criminals, or search the offender registry. You also can follow the latest news from the office.

  • Kansas Collaborative, The

    A joint effort between the State of Kansas, the Kansas Association of Counties and the League of Kansas Municipalities, dedicated to fostering collaboration and improving government efficiencies.

  • Kansas Courts

    The court system of the State of Kansas, including published opinions and links to other judiciary and legal resources.

  • Kansas Governor

    Visit the Kansas Governor’s Web site and learn more about the Governor, the state of Kansas and what’s happening at the Capitol.

  • Kansas Inc.

    Planning and policy research to formulate and update a statewide economic development strategy; recommending program and public policy initiatives.

  • Kansas Information Technology Executive Council

    The 17 member Information Technology Executive Council is responsible for approval and maintenance of all information technology policies, IT project management procedures, the statewide technical architecture, and the state's strategic information management plan.

  • Kansas Legislative Services

    Legislative Administrative Services provides administrative and technical support for the Kansas Legislature and general public, as directed by the Legislative Coordinating Coun

  • Kansas Lottery

    The mission of the Kansas Lottery is to produce the maximum amount of revenue possible for the State of Kansas while insuring the integrity of all games.

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