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  • Forest Service, Kansas

    The Agency serves rural landowners, communities, rural fire districts, forest and arboriculture industries, and citizens of the state through its Conservation Tree and Shrub Planting, Fire Management, Community Forestry, Rural Forestry, Marketing and Utilization, and Forest Health programs.

  • General Contractors, Kansas Association of

    AGCKS is the Chamber of Commerce for the commercial construction industry in the state of Kansas. Services include workforce development & safety training programs, legislative & regulatory representation in Federal, State and Local levels.

  • Gifted, Talented, and Creative, Association for the

    Provides information and resources to educators, parents and the community.

  • GIS Policy Board

    The Kansas GIS Policy Board works to ensure a technological environment where GIS is recognized as an integral and indispensable tool for government and businesses to serve the information needs of citizens and customers.

  • Governmental Ethics Commission, Kansas

    Administers, interprets and enforces the Campaign Finance Act and laws relating to conflict of interests, financial disclosure and the regulation of lobbying.

  • Grain and Feed Association, Kansas

    Represents the grain storage and handling industry.

  • Great Plains Nature Center

    Provides opportunities to the public to learn about natural resources, especially the wildlife and plant species, of the Great Plains Region.

  • Healing Arts, Kansas Board of

    Protects the public by authorizing only those persons who meet and maintain certain qualifications to engage in eleven health care professions in this state.

  • Health and Environment, Kansas Department of

    Optimizes the promotion and protection of the health of Kansans through efficient and effective public health programs and services and through preservation, protection and remediation.

  • Health Care Association, Kansas

    A statewide non-profit association that represents more than 200 long-term care providers.

  • Health Care Stabilization Fund

    Provides excess professional liability coverage for Kansas health care providers.

  • Health Information Management Association

    An organization of professionals who manage health information benefiting the health care consumer, providers and all users of clinical data.

  • Health Policy Authority, Kansas

    The Authority is responsible for coordinating a statewide health policy agenda that incorporates effective purchasing and administration with health promotion strategies.

  • Heartland Paralegal Association

    Mission Statement: The Heartland Paralegal Association ("HPA") is a not-for-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the paralegal profession by promoting the benefits of effective and increased utilization of paralegals within the legal community. Prior to April, 2010, known as "Heartland Association of Legal Assistants".

  • Highway Patrol, Kansas

    Devoted to improving the quality of life in our state through spirited and dedicated service.

  • Hispanic and Latino American Affairs Commission, Kansas

    The Kansas Advisory Committee on Hispanic Affairs is dedicated to assisting in the improvement of the educational, economic, social and political position of Hispanics in Kansas.

  • Historical Society, Kansas State

    The Kansas Historical Society is the state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history to facilitate government accountability, economic development, and the education of Kansans. This is accomplished by collecting, preserving, and interpreting materials and information pertaining to state government and Kansas history.

  • Home Care Association, Kansas

    Health care options offering a range of medical care and support services provided in the home.

  • Hospital Association, Kansas

    A voluntary non-profit organization existing to provide leadership and services to member hospitals.

  • Housing Resources Corporation, Kansas

    Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) is a self-supporting, public corporation which serves as the primary administrator of federal housing programs for the State of Kansas. Our mission is to increase the availability of affordable, decent and accessible housing for lower-income Kansans. Created as a “one stop shop for housing,” KHRC administers over 25 affordable housing programs with five primary areas of emphasis: Homeownership, Rental Housing, Program Compliance, Housing with Supportive Services, and Asset Management.

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