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Subscribing to will simplify payment of fee services, enable you to easily track activity and provide access all the services provides.

Becoming a subscriber requires a $95.00 initial fee for the first year and a $95.00 renewal fee each subsequent year. Please review the billing options before completing the agreements. An initial subscription fee MUST accompany your application.

Each subscription is entitled to 10 usernames and passwords. If you would like more than 10 usernames, your annual subscription fee will increase accordingly. For 11 to 20 usernames the annual renewal fee will be $190.00, and so on.

The account administrator must include the number of users with the initial subscription form. Once you have opened a subscription account, you may add additional users by sending a letter on your company letterhead, signed by the person identified as the account administrator on your Subscriber Agreement. The letter should state the number of users you would like added to your account. Account numbers MUST be provided. You can submit the form by mail or fax to and we will notify your account administrator of the new usernames and passwords.

Please complete the Subscriber Agreement below. If you need access to vehicle records, you must also complete the Certificate of Acceptable Use form. All documents must be printed, completed, signed and mailed to our office with your initial subscription fee of $95.00. We look forward to serving you!

Access to Motor Vehicle Records

To access the services below through the Kansas Department of Revenue, you MUST complete the Certificate of Acceptable Use form and mail it to This will give your account administrator access to vehicle records. If you would like additional users on your account to have access once your account is established, send a request on letterhead listing the usernames.

  • Kansas Motor Vehicle Records (includes Motor Vehicle Records; and Title, Registration and Lien Records)
  • Kansas Motor Carrier Vehicle Records

If you have any questions, please contact

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