Region I Emergency Medical Services Council Meeting

Sheridan County EMS, Hoxie, Kansas

June 16, 2010


David Stithem, Region Chair, called the June 16, 2010 meeting of the Region I EMS Council to order at 19:00. Pat Pomeroy, Sharon Slate and April Chesney, new I/C candidates from Rooks County, and Scott Reese, new Council member, were welcomed.

The minutes of the April 14, 2010 Council meeting were emailed and posted on the web site for review. Motion for approval as written was made by Jayne Holle with second by Kenny Gatlin. Motion carried.

The financial report was presented and motioned for approval by Kerry McCue. Mickie Helberg provided motion second. Motion carried.


Old Business:

Train the Trainer Course: August 28-29, 2010. If approved at the August KSBEMS meeting, the transition education documents will be presented in Region I August 28 and 29, 2010. There is a possibility of partial funding through EIG funding or KRAF funding. We are considering Oakley and Hays as locations for our preliminary count of 40 participants. The material presented will include EMR, EMT, and AEMT lesson plans, task analysis, student manuals, evaluation material and media. It is required to have the material in front of you during class. The purpose is not to teach the science but rather how to utilize the material. Day one will cover the EMR and EMT material. The second day will deal with facilitating the AEMT material.
The recommendation going to the Kansas Board of EMS is to require an educator to take the train the trainer course prior to making application to facilitate the transition courses. Letitia Keenan will check on the availability of the service center at Oakley. Following lengthy discussion, Dave Burgess moved the Region pay the costs not to exceed $300.00 for one participant from each service in Region 1. Motion second was given by Dawnelle Umberger. Motion passed.


Developing EMS Teachers - a Role Model for Kansas EMS

The EDTF subcommittee has been working for some time on a document to outline how to become an educator in the state of Kansas. We previously drafted a letter to the Education Committee explaining some of our objections to the document approved because of the implications for our Region. We had concerns regarding the survey completed. We felt additional comment lines were needed to explain answers and the inability to do so affected the survey outcome. We have concerns about the availability of mentoring educators and the cost to access services. The additional layer to facilitate conflict between the mentor and the potential educator complicates the process. We also agree the current process needs to be changed. The current educator exams are outdated and ineffective. The Region Chairs will meet in August to discuss the proposal as no one wants to see the work accomplished to date to be in vain. Please send any suggestions to Deb Kaufman or David Stithem.


Elections: David Stithem is current serving the Region as Chair. Kerry McCue is Vice Chair, Deb Kaufman is Secretary, and Jayne Holle and Dave Burgess are members at large.
Nominations from the floor for Chair were opened. Pat Conrad nominated David Stithem. Nomination was seconded by Letitia Keenan. Jayne Holle moved nominations cease. Dave Burgess provided motion second. Motion passed. Council vote for David Stithem as Chair passed.
Nominations for Vice Chair opened. Mickie Helberg nominated Kerry McCue. Jayne Holle provided nomination second. Jayne Holle moved nominations cease and a unanimous ballot be cast for Kerry McCue as Vice Chair. Motion seconded by Dave Burgess. Motion passed.

Nominations were opened for the position of Secretary. Jayne Holle nominated Deb Kaufman and nomination second was provided by Mickie Helberg. Jane Wyatt moved nominations cease and a unanimous ballet be cast for Deb Kaufman. Motion passed.


Region Coordinator Evaluation: Gary Winter`s yearly evaluation was sent to all Council members. Those returned were tabulated and resulted in a very good evaluation. Prior to the meeting, Gary Winter and David Stithem reviewed the composite evaluation. Dave Burgess moved the Council increase the region coordinator pay by $100 dollars a month effective immediately. The motion second was provided by Jeff Miller. Motion passed.


Practical Examination: We have been asked if we would entertain the possibility of working with Region II to provide practical examinations in our Region. is a reference page for exam information. Following lengthy discussion, Jayne Holle moved we pursue negotiations with Region II regarding participation in the testing process. Pat Conrad provided motion second. Motion passed.


Educator`s Conference: The Train the Trainer course will be applied for to meet the requirements for an Educator conference. Jeff Miller moved we also pursue a second educator conference this fall. Scott Reese provided motion second. Motion passed. David Stithem will contact presenters to check on availability of programs.


800 MHz Radio Training: The ambulance 800 MHz radios - one per service - are delivered. Jason Moses inquired about a date to do a brief training session. They will also come to each county after the system is turned on, predicted to be after September 30, 2010. The EMS providers are welcome to come to that training also. Deb Kaufman will check with Jason Moses regarding a class at 17:30 before the August 18, 2010 Region I meeting. We will plan on a meal being served. Please obtain a bid for the 800 MHz radio installation and submit it to Mike Albers at Colby. On July 12, 2010, the Homeland Security Region will determine if there is funding left available to fund the ambulance service installations.
Reminder: January 2013 narrow banding requirements by the FFC require that all UHF and VHS radios, including ambulance radios, storm spotter radios, storm alert warning sirens, and other equipment that operates with UHF and VHS has to be reprogrammed and narrow banded. The Med 7 channel will also no longer be operational. Budget accordingly.


Homeland Security - Strategic Planning: the next meeting is this Monday. The Homeland Security Region will be working on a strategic plan. Statewide patient tracking, equipment resource inventory, completion of ambulance 800 MHz radio placement, and more developed response plans are being considered.

KEMSIS User Group Meeting: July 27, 2010 is the KEMSIS user group teleconference meeting. Anyone wishing to attend at Hoxie is welcome to come. We still need to set up a time to discuss any issues we are having with the program. Let Deb Kaufman know if you are interested.


Page Wolfberg & Wirth Webinars: Page, Wolfberg, and Wirth Webinars are delivering important update information. Please let us know if you are scheduling a Webinar at your location and if you will allow others to attend for shared payment.


Trauma Committee Report:

o       Deb Kaufman reported we had good attendance at the May 5, 2010 Regional Trauma Meeting. Minutes are available at The trauma education calendar is available at

o       Kerry McCue reported on the ACT meeting. Meeting minutes are available at The Council discussed changes in requirements for medical direction.


Homeland Security Report:

o       Deb Kaufman reported the minutes for the June 2010 meeting of the NWKS Homeland Security Council are available at Please review as there is much information.

o       Advanced Planning Concepts Training July 22 - 23 in Hays, KS.

o       We were reminded there is training available at Crisis City at no cost July 12 - 13.

o       We will need your department input for strategic planning.


Curricula / Guidelines: Ken Tharman reported on the Salina meeting June 2, 2010. The participants worked to develop Kansas EMR, EMT, and AEMT educational guidelines. It was a painstaking process.

We had that face-to-face meeting in Salina June 2nd. We divided into groups, each working with one of the three levels. We looked at various sources and came up with resources to build the Kansas guidelines for that level. At the end of the day we were still missing several items but had identified the majority of the new guidelines.


EDTF Committee Report: David Stithem reported the EDTF had not met. They will be meeting soon to discuss the relations relating to the transition.


STEMI: David Stithem and Deb Kaufman attended the STEMI meeting in Hutchinson. There is a pilot program in Southwest Kansas. Some of those present did not realize all ambulances in Kansas are not equipped with 12 lead EKG capabilities. We should consider 12 lead monitors, training, and protocol if we are in a position to make changes in current equipment. We will continue to monitor progress.


June Board of EMS Meetings: Gary Winter reported on the following meetings.

Planning and Operation Committee:

June Board of EMS Planning and Operation Committee:

Committee Reports:

o       Kerry McCue stated his report on statewide communications is short as the executive committee has not met recently. Their next meeting will be the 16th. The state has projects underway that when completed will result in 14 towers remaining to complete MOTOBridge updates on. Due to activity in Butler County, their tower equipment will become available and the current plan is to move it to Gray County. He issued another reminder to local entities of the January 1, 2013 deadline for narrow banding.

o       EMSC Sarah House reported on the on line medical direction performance measure. An 800 number is being provided to give access to a pediatric specialist. Protocols are set and ready to go to the review panel. She plans on distributing them to Board members within 2 weeks for their review. EMSC surveys are also going out within the next 2 weeks. The Education Pediatric Symposium was very successful with 280 attending. Next year`s symposium is in planning stage. EPC classes are continuing: Region II is hosting June 9-16, 2010. Kansas has been asked to sit on a national committee.

o       ACT: Jane Faubion gave the report in Rosanne Rutkowski`s absence. Attendance was up at the trauma meetings. They have been asked to participate in the trauma triage guideline pilot program and SE Kansas has agreed to implement. Dr Allin is involved. 9 attended a national training session. They continue to work on the KEMSIS / data collection interface.

o       Office of Rural Health has no new business.

o       KEMSA - August 12-15 is their annual conference. Website registration is available. Chris Way and Terry David traveled to Washington DC to talk to the legislators about death benefits, asked the Medicare rural rate be considered a permanent reimbursement rate. They talked about a permanent place for EMS in Washington.

o       KEMTA - Randy Cardonell reported KEMTA had their conference in April. They are working on next year`s April 8-10, 2010 and are considering a weekend workshop this fall.

o       Region I: Gary Winter reported Region I will meet June 16, 2010 and this is their annual meeting with elections. The transition train-the-trainer course with the Freisen group is August 28 29, 2010.

o       Region II just finished 12 lead classes for Region II in Garden City and Liberal with good turnout. They are beginning the Marathon with EPC. Their annual meeting is June 16, 2010. They are finalizing testing plans with Board staff. They will post a web site.

o       Region III is working on a Homeland Security grant for disaster planning - disaster medicine training throughout region. They are also completing 6 trailers to be placed throughout Region III. The third component is disaster planning. July 9, 2010 is their next meeting.

o       Region IV: Pam Kemp reported on the Educator workshop. They hosted a Page, Wolfberg & Wirth Webinar on healthcare issues and will be hosting a second Webinar focused on new signature requirements June 23, 2010. They will next meet June 9, 2010 at Crisis City where Frank Coots will provide a tour. They have an ongoing vehicle marking project ongoing with a July 1, 2010 deadline. They are following the Region III marking plan. Their Web site has been updated.

o       Region 5 had no report.

o       Region 6 The Region VI annual election meeting July 15, 2010. They are working on the trauma triage field guideline implementation. Their transition meeting with the Friesen group is September 26 and 27, 2010.

o       Dave Cromwell reported on the service/vehicle licensing cycle. Approximately 20 services did not fall into any category for medical protocol approval. Next year`s cycle will follow the new language passed during the legislative session. Education on the process will be distributed before the next cycle begins. Steve Sutton also reported those who have a duty to respond but currently do not have medical direction will need to identify such.

o       Representative Neighbor requested Kansas Medical Society be asked to be present at the next meeting to facilitate documented discussion. The medical director data form sent out contained misleading language and was rectified but not prior to it causing confusion. It will be addressed prior to the next renewal cycle. The issue will be put that on the agenda for the meeting planned prior to the next board meeting.


o       Vehicle Inspection proposal Grant Helferich presented a concept for a vehicle inspection program modeled after the education program provider. He provided a sample form which exceeds current inspection requirements. We had lengthy discussion and it is possible a considerable financial impact might be obtained simply by extending the date on the current form to a one year window. It bears further discussion.

o       The duration and format of the P & O committee meetings was discussed to consider committee membership and reworking the schedule. All reports were requested to be submitted in writing prior to the Board packets going out.

o       Kerry McCue addressed the committee regarding the service director`s task force that had been formed in the mid to late 90`s. They have worked to update membership.

Executive Committee:

o       Steve Sutton gave a report on 2010 legislation. SB262 - passed (scope bill). Other legislation will need to be reintroduced. Regulations will be needed for implementation date of SB262.

o       An additional amount was just made available for the KRAF Grant. The first group awards are in progress. The second group has started. 41K additional funding is needed to fund selected projects.

o       Darrel Kohls presented the KRAF Committees recommendations for the grant: approved. JR Behan suggested a ``helpful hints`` document be drafted to services with non-funded applications.

o       36 services have received EIG funding to date.

o       Dr. Hornung reported on the Medical Advisor Council. The council makeup will include a Board member, a physician Board member, two urban physicians, a rural physician from the east, a rural physician from the west, and two physicians at large. The committee accepted recommendations.

o       The Board can define/refine the scope: SB262. Board staff was directed to concentrate efforts on implementation of 262.

o       There will be a secure site for Board information for the next meeting, i.e. investigations cases.

o       The Executive Director search is ongoing. A self-assessment tool will be sent to applicants.



o       The Developing EMS Educators document was resubmitted by EDTF. The committee tabled action.

o       Audits continue.

o       Staff is updating the desk manual for facilitating the exam process. They are interviewing for the exam coordinator position.

o       Variances: I/C request with only one letter of recommendation submitted so far. Denied incomplete. A TOII and Fire Instructor I must complete the Kansas specific portion of the I/C course, submit a mock course and complete the mentored teaching process. A variance is not applicable.

o       Carman Allen will combine the information from the documents assembled at the June 2, 2010 guidelines/KEMSSAF document review for dissemination to the Board.

o       The Friesen Group is on schedule. There was discussion on progression. Likely, one will need to be an EMT prior to becoming an AEMT or MICT.

o       Reg. Review: 109-5-1, 109-5-3, and 109-11-1 go to public hearing August 4, 2010. 109-11-3, 109-11-4, and 109-11-6 are waiting approval of 109-11-1. 109-15-2 is waiting Attorney General approval.

o       The contract has been completed with Region II. The first exam is July 17 18, 2010 in Topeka.


Investigation Committee: It was requested services develop a policy for drug / alcohol testing of staff if they do not have one in place. Several additional cases were processed.

Full Board meeting, June 4, 2010

o       Region III Disaster planning (3rd component of Homeland Security Grant.)

o       Transition testing will be specified in regulation not statute.

o       The Educator`s Proposal failed to gain approval.

o       The Medical Advisory Council physician membership was appointed: Dr. Lester Richardson, Dr. David Kingfisher, Dr. Sean Herrington, Dr. Joel Hornung, Dr. James Longbaugh, and Dr. Michael Machen. A Board member and one remaining physician ( Sedgwick County Medical Director, if agreed) will be appointed.

o       A presentation by Dr. Allin and Dr. Hornung will be available on the Board website.

o       The KEMIS program name was changed to KEMSIS due to title conflicts.

o       On behalf of the Board, Joe Megredy presented a plaque and roll call certificate to Colonel Dale Wasson`s wife and daughter. Colonel Wasson served as a member of the Board from 2005 until his death.


During public comment, Terry David reported the IRS regulations now classify EMS emergency vehicles with the other exempt emergency vehicles.


Kerry McCue moved to adjourn. Jeff Miller provided motion second. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Kaufman, Secretary
(These minutes are pending Council approval.)


Members present:

Mike Hanson, Cheyenne County

Jannelle Bowers, Cheyenne County

Kerry McCue, Ellis County

Scott Reese, Ellis County

David Burgess, Gove County

Michelle Helberg, Graham County

Daniel Reese, Graham County

Letitia Keenan, Logan County

Jane Wyatt, Norton County

Jayne Holle, Phillips County

Ken Tharman, Phillips County

Patrick Conrad, Rawlins County

Jeff Miller, Rooks County

Richard Newick, Russell County

Deb Kaufman, Sheridan County

David Stithem, Sheridan County

Ken Gatlin, Thomas County

Dawnelle Umberger, Thomas County

Brandon Payne, Trego County

Gary Winter, Region I Coordinator