Region I Emergency Medical Services Council Meeting

Sheridan County EMS, Hoxie, Kansas

February 17, 2010


David Stithem, Region Chair, called the February 17, 2010 meeting of the Region I EMS Council to order at 19:00. John Miller, Kansas Board of EMS member and Norton County Commission, and Brandon Payne, Trego County EMS Director and new Council member, were welcomed.

The minutes of the December 16, 2009 Council meeting were presented and discussion followed. Motion for approval as written was made by Pat Conrad with second by Mickie Helberg. Motion carried.

The financial report was presented and motioned for approval by Jayne Holle. Kenneth Gatlin provided motion second. Discussion noted the trauma scholarship check entry. Motion carried.


Old Business:

Scope of Practice: A history of Senate Bill 262 and the potential changes in scope of practice was presented. The Bill has caused some concern. The transition process has some uncertainty associated with it yet at this point. Some rightfully feel they may not be able to meet the requirements to transition at their current certification level and are concerned they may lose ability to perform some of the patient care procedures they currently provide. This could adversely affect patient care in their communities. Of most concern is the transition from the EMT-I and EMT-I/D to the AEMT. Various options were discussed. Disallowing new EMT-I courses and certification, but allowing current EMT-I certified attendants to retire out was suggested. Giving more years for the transition at the AEMT level or adding the IV module to the EMT similar to the LPN IV module were other options discussed.
The new national guidelines are designed to allow for flexibility in teaching methods. Distance learning and competency based education may be options we need to explore. Kansas is not alone in this, as the national picture shows everyone facing these same challenges.

The Region has supported this process and will support a regional effort to get this accomplished. We will have the meeting in August with Jon Friesen to explain the process for a program director or educator submitting paperwork for the transition courses. The concept of guidelines versus curriculum was discussed. There will no longer be the National DOT curriculum. The guidelines that have been developed offer instructor flexibility in the educational process. They allow for evidence based changes to be made without recreating an entirely new curriculum as would have to be done now. Deb Kaufman asked interested educators contact her regarding their feelings on Kansas developing a set of Kansas guidelines versus Kansas curriculum for the certification levels.

John Miller encouraged education as a means of understanding the process. He urged educators and administrators to study the transition documents off the link at the Kansas Board of EMS website.

Pat Conrad made a motion to continue to support the passage of Senate Bill 262. Kerry McCue seconded motion. Discussion added we support as much time as possible to accomplish the EMT-I/AEMT transition. Motion passed.


Committee Reports:

Trauma Committee: Deb Kaufman referred the Council to the NW KS Trauma Council minutes at Fliers for the trauma ITV program are available at the back table. She thanked all the EMS services who responded regarding the time (12:00 noon to 13:00) the programs will be held. Services received a trauma education needs assessment survey asking about educational courses needed. We are hoping everyone completed the survey.

Rosanne Rutkowski provided a Trauma Program & Registry Update. A grant application has been submitted to KDOT to assist with funding the Trauma Registry/EMS Prehospital Data Collection interface. Dr. James Haan, Via Christi, has volunteered to chair the trauma registry policy committee. Another grant from the Christopher Reeve Foundation`s Trauma Education department was applied for. The application requests funding for TNCC, ATLS, and PHTLS scholarships with priority for award identified as Critical Access Hospitals and rural EMS agencies.

A KDOT Safe-Teen driving program is up-coming. Look for a report on it in the March meeting minutes. Please schedule May 5, 2010 for the trauma general membership meeting at Hays Medical Center from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.


NW Region Homeland Security Council: Deb Kaufman directed the Council to the minutes at the website. This was their re-organization meeting for the next two years of the Homeland Security Council. Tami Wood, the NW Regional Hospital Coordinator will serve as Chair. Deb Hays from Phillipsburg and representing KDEM is Vice Chair, and Deb Kaufman remains Secretary. We heard possible project proposals. We meet again March 9, 2010 and will be hearing at least two more project proposals. At that meeting, we will be making a decision on our 2010 project.
The 800 MHz radios, 1 per service, have been purchased. Following purchase of the remaining radio equipment, training and testing will be scheduled.


ESF 8: The Kansas ESF8 Response plan KDHE has developed was circulated. We have until late April to comment on the plan. There are areas of concern. The Council was asked to review. If you have items that you feel need to go out to the ESF8 partners, or questions from those other health organizations, let Deb Kaufman know. We will try to share information through our Homeland Security partners.


EDTF: The Council feels it is important the representatives to the EDTF are representing Regional Councils, associations, or answer to the Board. David Stithem was instructed to respond to the questions generated by our letter to the Board Education Committee.


Board Update: David Stithem reported on the February Board meeting


Planning and Operation:

  • Fleetwood Transportation had a license request that had been denied due to 2-way communication. The service wanted to use Nextel. After discussion, there is the possibility of it being a backup system. The president stated they will purchase the required radios. They have one stretch van and two public transportation vans. They are available 24 hours a day. Fleetwood will withdraw their request for a hearing and the Board will stop the order of denial to keep the application open. Med-act requested Fleetwood get medical protocols approved by the local medical society. There was an executive session for 20 minutes. No motions were made following the session. The committee recommended working with area ambulance services and the medical society to approve protocols.
  • Kathryn Brown with the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office presented ``Safety Breaks`` education program they have developed. The education is targeted to 4th through 8th grade classes. A demo of the video game style education can be viewed at
  • Due to time constraints, there were no committee reports given.


Executive Committee:

A report was given on legislation.

  • SB220 was stated to be a clean-up bill. (suggest we read language)
  • SB221 was the Homeland Security bill with a hearing scheduled for Feb 11th. After discussion about some potential language problems, the bill was recommended to be pulled.
  • SB222 is the background check bill. It had a hearing that day, and it did pass that hearing.
  • SB223 deals with subpoena powers for the Board.
  • SB224 deals with fines. These 2 bills will have some language changes and move forward.
  • SB262 is the Scope bill. The hearing was the day before. There was a request from the audience to keep the EMT-I but not allow any more classes. The committee was also requested to continue dialog with KMS and the nursing society to keep on top of potential issues.
  • The EIG funding will drop $50,000 to $250,000. There is a potential 10% across the board cut if the sales tax does not pass.
  • With SB332 or HB2287, BEMS may have to pay approximately $40,000 to receive their fee funds.
  • There were 63 applications for the KRAF funds, for a total requested of $2,418,277. There will be between $470,000 and 480,000 available. The committee will meet February 25-26, 2010 in Salina and again on March 27, 2010 so the recommendations can be presented to the Board at the April meeting. Joe Megredy and/or JR Behan will be on the review committee.
  • Chris Alexander and Robert Waller presented an Executive Summary on proposed infectious disease statutes. The proposals deal with exposure and testing of a patient in an instance of possible exposure.



  • EDTF met January 19, 2010. The ``hours`` were corrected to say ``clock hours`` in 109-5-1 to be consistent. The ``validity and reliability`` was removed from 109-11-1. Also removed were the requirement for QA with a field training entity and the requirement to maintain documents to prove competency on ALL skills and the requirement to have evaluation by sponsoring organization and communities of interest. No changes were made to 109-11-3, 109-11-4 or 109-11-6. These regs were waiting on 109-11-0 to move forward.
    109-5-3 is the distance education regulation. The ability for long-term program providers to use distance learning under their program providers was added.
    The survey of the ICs was presented. There was a 40% response. Thirty of the respondents met the requirements and are interesting in being a mentoring educator. Twenty-six did not meet the requirements, but would be interested. Fifteen do not meet the requirements and do not want to. Three meet the requirements but do not want to be a mentoring educator.
    The Educator Proposal was requested to be held until the next legislative cycle.
    The makeup of the EDTF will be reviewed at the April BEMS meeting.
    There are no new tasks for the EDTF at this time. The committee will continue to work on the educator proposal.
  • More than 3820 attendants renewed. 695 expired. For educators, 232 renewed and 100 expired. These numbers have changed since the meeting.
  • There were eight exam sites in December.
  • There was a variance request from a TO who wanted to become an IC without a course. He has not responded to the request for additional information. Variance can only be granted for 30 days per legal council. The request was denied.
  • Garden City Community College requested permission to offer a hybrid course for TO/TO II/IC. Carman Allen recommended approval of the request. She received 18 letters of support. The committee recommended approval. It may be possible to take only the TO or the TO II portion.
  • The Scope Implementation is on schedule. Carman Allen reported on the four recommendations. They are 1) to enable an evaluation of competency for the EMR, EMT and AEMT to be signed off by the Medical Director and the Educator. 2) The educator is providing transition courses will sign an Integrity Statement to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities in the process. 3) Convene an additional task force to discuss the transition of the initial courses. And 4) Move the AEMT from a state exam to the national registry.
    It may also be possible to use the Train the Trainer for an educator workshop if educator workshop hours are requested and granted by the Board.
  • Carman Allen discussed substantially equivalent and what type of hours could be used to count toward the total hour requirements when trying to gain certification with non-Kansas credentials. Specifically, it was asked if CEUs could be used. Carman Allen also asked if the DOT refresher could be considered. Recommendations will be put together and mailed to the committee members.
  • The committee went into 2 10-minute executive sessions.



  • The first case was previously held over. A consent agreement had been sent out. A new agreement has been signed by the city and is ready for the committee to sign. It involved staffing issues. The service has now been staffed 24/7 for the last four months. The agreement requires 6 more months of oversight. The agreement was approved.
  • The case involved an application with a felony. The committee received four letters of reference. There were originally three felonies. The applicant has been released from probation. The committee moved to allow the applicant to move forward.
  • This was also an application with felonies. The applicant had four felonies and spent time in prison. He still owes money for restitution. He is not currently employed. The first motion to deny until restitution is made did not pass. The motion to move forward with the certification process passed.
  • Also an application with a felony. A letter was presented from the national registry stating they would allow certification. The applicant spent time in prison, and has been off parole since 2003. The committee moved to allow the applicant to move forward.
  • This was a new case number for former cases that had been closed. The case had been reopened at the request of another service involved. The hospital records were not available unless subpoenaed. The autopsy report was available. There was no new information. The case was closed again.


Full Board Meeting, February 5, 2010:

  • The minutes were approved.
  • A motion was made to approve the Fleetwood agreement from the planning committee.
  • During the investigations report, the Sedgwick County EMS director stated the comment made by one of the applicants with a felony from the previous day`s case stating he had employment waiting with Sedgwick County EMS was erroneous.
  • The education committee will be scheduling interviews with the RFP vendors prior to the April meeting.
  • The GCCC hybrid IC course was approved.
  • The variance request for the IC without a course was denied.
  • The Board voted to withdraw SB 211 from the legislative package.
  • Suzanne Cornelius was presented a plaque for her years of service to the state. She retires March 5, 2010 after 30 years of service with various state agencies.
  • The AG`s office is having a Board orientation program at the Memorial Building on April 23, 2010. It will run from 9:00 12:00 and is free of charge.
  • Sarah House spoke of a grant she received for Shadow Buddies. She received 36 cases of them. A form was handed out with information on how to order them.
    For more information, visit
    The Pediatric Symposium will be April 22, 2010 in Wichita, April 23, 2010 in Olathe, and April 24, 2010 in Hays. Registration is on Kansas Train. Registration deadline is April 15, 2010.
  • Heartland Park wants in-house EMTs and paramedics at their race facility. Representatives wanted to know if they will be permitted to do this. Dr. Allin wants to work with Camille Nohe, staff and Heartland Park on this issue. It will be on the April agenda.
  • Elections were held. The current positions were retained.
  • There was an executive session for 10 minutes at 10:35. The sessions were extended multiple times until 11:55. Following the executive sessions, the motion was made to accept Robert Waller`s resignation effective immediately. The motion passed unanimously.


Correspondences and Other Meetings:


Kerry McCue reported from his interoperable communications meeting. He reminded services to consider the situation that will be up-coming with narrow banding radios. Some of the radios can be reprogrammed, but some of the older radios are going to have to be replaced. Pager will need to be checked also.

Deb Kaufman reminded service directors of service license renewals coming up. Medical protocols and ambulance equipment lists will require approval by the local medical society, or if that does not exist, the medical staff at the hospital to which you most frequently transport patients. Deb Kaufman has a meeting with the president of the Northwest Kansas Medical Society and will communicate the results of that meeting with the other ten services listed as being located within the listed society.

Gary Winter reported he had received a thank you note from G.G. Launchbaugh for the award of the EMS scholarship.


We do put the date of the next meeting on the Region I website. The next meeting is April 14, 2010.


Kerry McCue moved to adjourn. Jeff Miller seconded. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Deb Kaufman, Secretary


(These minutes are pending Council approval.)



Members Present at this Meeting:

Brandon Payne, Daniel Reese, David Stithem, Deb Kaufman, Jayne Holle, Jeff Miller, Ken Gatlin, Ken Tharman, Kerry McCue, Letitia Keenan, Michelle Helberg, and Patrick Conrad.