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Personal Stories

Attack in the Fog
by Bob Larson

Bob Larson was a private first class assigned to the Company E, 7th Cavalry Regiment, U.S. Army

Photo of troops pausing at a barbed wire fence
7th Calvary Trooper stringing barbed wire in Korea – May 6, 1951.

     The fog was so thick that I couldn't see the man next to me. We were led down a road to the base of a hill. An officer, unknown to us, explained that the command wanted us to spread out on the road and fix bayonets. When the signal is given, we are to creep up the hill and catch the enemy by surprise with a bayonet attack.

     I didn't think too much of the idea and my buddies agreed with me, but we were outvoted. Some of the fellows didn't have bayonets and declared that the orders didn't apply to them, but they too were outvoted.

Photo of hills in Korean war zone     Up the hill we went, feeling our way along the ground with our feet. Step by step we advanced. It seemed like a ugly dream, but I knew it was all too real. I looked to my right and to my left to find any sign of my buddies. Much to my surprise, I could make out vague forms on each side of me. I could hear whispers all along the line and louder orders to shut up!

     While we were standing around arguing, the fog suddenly disappeared, just like somebody waved a magic wand. We were caught out in the open with no cover in sight. The Chinese had been caught by surprise. Both sides just stared at each other in complete bewilderment. A single shot rang out and somebody blew a whistle and shouted "Retreat." We bugged out at full speed down the hill.

     I don't speak or understand Chinese, but from behind us I could understand hilarious laughter!

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