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Heartland Heroes - presented by the Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Honoring Kansans' Contributions in the Korean War
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Personal Stories

Submit Your Own Personal Korean War Story

If you are a veteran of the Korean War, the Kansas Adjutant General's 50th Anniversary Korean War Committee invites you to submit your personal reflections on the war. Please review the submission guidelines before you submit your personal story. If your story submission is chosen, you will be contacted and your story will be displayed on this Web site. You can view previously chosen personal stories submitted by Korean War veterans on the personal stories display page.

Please complete all applicable questions in the following form. When you have completed the form, click the "Submit Personal Story" button to send your responses to the Kansas Adjutant General's Korean War Committee.

Personal Contact Information

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Korean War Information
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Please indicate the time period you served in the Korean War:
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