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Honoring Kansans' Contributions in the Korean War
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Personal Stories

Story Submission Guidelines

     The purpose of this section is to share and record personal stories of the Korean War. If you were a veteran of the Korean War, a veteran of the Korean War era, were in a supporting role such as the Red Cross, or have a family member who had a Korean War story, we would like for you to share your story.

     If you were a veteran we ask that you provide your rank during the war and the unit in which you served. We ask that you use real life experiences and if you can, pin-point the area where your story took place. If providing more than one story please give separate titles for each story.

     Since this is a public Web site we do stress two points:

  1. Absolutely no foul language.
  2. No derogatory language regarding race, religion, color, etc.

Once your personal story is received it may be edited for clarity or style. If we feel more significant changes need to be made, we will contact you.

     If you have personal photos that you would like to submit with your story, please use the following guidelines:

  1. Photos should be sent in an electronic format in either a tiff or jpeg format.
  2. Photos should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch).
  3. Photos must be sent as e-mail attachments to
  4. DO NOT send original photos as we can not assure their return or safety.

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