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Kansas Veterans

Kansas Units Mobilized in the Korean War

127th Fighter Squadron, Kansas Army National Guard

Dates of service in the Korean War: October 10, 1950 to July 10, 1952

History of the Unit

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The following is an excerpt from
"The Story of the 184th/127th Kansas National Guard - McConnell AFB, Wichita, Kansas - 1941-1986"

17 September 1949, at 4:45 PM, an Air Force F-84 “Thunderjet” swished into the Wichita Municipal Airport, and taxied to the hangar of Wichita’s 127th Fighter Squadron. Captain Allen Murphy of the Air Force stepped out and said, “She’s yours. Treat her nice because she’s a honey.”

It was a big surprise a glorious climax to the day-long program to observe the anniversary. That evening an informal public dance was held in the Air National Guard hangar, to the music of Dick Haughton’s popular 16-piece orchestra. Featured soloist with the band was the pretty song-stylist Bobbie Brooks. The 127th was the only Air National Guard unit in the United States to receive the F-84’s. Eventually, the 127th received 30 of the “Thunderjets,” replacing an equal number of the F-51 fighter planes.

None of the 127th pilots had been checked out on the F-84, however, they started immediately.

New aircraft also required redesignation of the unit. 21 February 1950, the unit was redesignated as the 127th Fighter Squadron, Jet, per letter NGB, dated 27 February 1950, subject: “Redesignation and Reorganization of National Guard Air Units”, as amended by NGB letter, dated 10 March 1950. Lieutenant Colonel Roger B. Ludeman was commander.

In July 1950, President Harry S. Truman authorized the involuntary recall of Air Force Reservists in response to the hostilities in Korea. The first two reserve wings reported for active duty on 10 August 1950. Other recalls followed through 1951. At the height of the mobilization, in January 1953, about 147,000 Reservists were on duty including members of 20 troop carrier wings and five light bombardment wings. The units were called to active duty for periods of not more than 21 months. Air National Guard units were ordered into active federal service in October 1950. Of the Guard’s 27 Wings, 22 were recalled, and some 45,000 of its members served with the Air Force in Korea, Europe and the continental United States.

127th Fighter Squadron is called to active duty
127th Fighter Squadron is federalized

     On October 1950, the 127th Fighter Squadron, Jet, formerly the Kansas Air National Guard, was ordered to active duty per General Order 142, Headquarters Tenth Air Force, dated 5 October 1950. From 10 October 1950 through 25 November 1950, the organization remained at the Municipal Airport, Wichita, Kansas. Since there were no facilities for messing or housing of personnel, the airmen were authorized monetary allowances in lieu of rations and quarters.


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