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50th Anniversary Commemorative Web Site | Korean War 1950-1953  2000-2003
Heartland Heroes - presented by the Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Honoring Kansans' Contributions in the Korean War
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Information on the Commemorative Korean War Logo and Flag

     The following information has been provided by the U.S. Department of Defense Korean War Commemoration Committee.

50th Anniversary Korean War Commemoration Crest

About the Logo

     The focal point of the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Crest is the three-lobed Taeguk, known as the sam-Taeguk. The three lobes of the sam-Taeguk are as follows:

  • Red and White stripes representing the United States
  • Dark Blue representing South Korea
  • The United Nations Light Blue with 22 Gold stars representing the 20 U.N. countries involved in the Korean War, plus one non-U.N. member--Italy--and the Republic of Korea.

     Traditionally, the Taeguk depicted on the flag of the Republic of Korea represents two states of being, Heaven and Earth (spiritual and physical). The sam-Taeguk stands for three states of being: Heaven, Earth and Man. Heaven represents the spiritual, Earth is the physical and Man is the intermediary who embodies both the spiritual and physical.

     The wreath and lettering in gold symbolizes honor and excellence.


50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Flag

About the Flag

     The 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Flag is symbolic of the unified effort of the United States, the Republic of Korea and our allies to stop Communist aggression on the Korean Peninsula 50 years ago. The light blue and white streamer that runs through the center of the flag is the U.N. Battle Streamer. The 22 stars represent the 22 allied nations that fought side-by-side to save South Korea. The words "Freedom is not Free" were added by our Veterans who, more than anyone else, know the great price of liberty. The flag is in both the English and Korean (Hangul) languages. In the center is the "Tae Guk" symbol from the South Korean flag, familiar to many as the symbol for the philosophy of Yin and Yang. In Korea, known as Eum and Yang, the symbol stands for peace and harmony. South Korea has adopted this as their official Commemoration Flag. The Institute of Heraldry assisted the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee with the design of the flag. It is the goal of the Committee to see this flag flying in Commemoration Communities across the Nation to honor and thank the veterans of the Korean War, their families and most of all, those who lost loved ones.

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