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Last Updated: October 28, 2014

Notes on the crematory operator continuing education credit requirements:

All crematory operators must submit 2 hours of crematory continuing education credits every renewal period.

For Funeral Directors and/or Embalmers who are also Crematory Operators:
crematory operator continuing education credits can also be used for funeral director/embalmer credit--but NOT both. For example, if you complete a 6 hour course marked as eligible for crematory operator credit (highlighted yellow), 2 hours will count towards your crematory operator CE requirement and 4 hours will count towards your funeral director/embalmer CE requirement. If you are a Funeral Director, Embalmer and Crematory Operator you will owe 12 hours of FD/Emb continuing education credits and 2 hours of CO continuing education credits, for a total of 14 hours every renewal period.

The following programs have been approved for continuing education credit for Embalmers, Funeral Directors and Crematory Operators (see yellow highlights) by the Mortuary Arts Board.

ADDED 8/19/2014
Date: October 29, 2014 Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Event: Certified Crematory Operator Program Seminar
Sponsor: NFDA
Hours Approved: 6 hours
Location: Embassy Suites Kansas City International Airport, Kansas City, MO
Registration: Contact NFDA at 1-800-228-6332; online : or fax: 262-789-6977

ADDED 8/26/2014
Date: October 29-30, 2014
Loation: Loyal Christian Benefit Association, 8811 Peach St., Erie, PA
Sponsor:  National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)
Event:  "Certified Preplanning Consultant (CPC) Seminar"
Hours Approved:  six (6) hours
To register contact NFDA Member Service Representative at 1-800-228-6332 or online at

ADDED 9/10/2014
Date: November 1, 2014
Location: Fort Hays State University Memorial Union, Hays, KS
Sponsor:  The University of Kansas Medical Center, Area Health Education Center West
Event:  "2nd Annual Medical Legal Investigation of Death"
Hours Approved:  six (6) hours
To register: Contact Nikki Rabe: phone: 785-628-6128; fax: 785-628-6034 or online @

ADDED 10/15/2014
Date: November 4, 2014
Location: Derfelt Funeral Home, 328 E. 12th Street, Baxter Springs, KS 
Sponsor:  Derfelt Funeral Home
Program: "Coping with the Holidays"
Hours Approved:  one (1) hour
To register: Contact Kyle Wade by phone: 620-856-2345 or fax: 620-856-5139

 ADDED 9/30/2014
Date: November 7, 2014
Location: Colonial Acres Guest House, Floral and Conference Center; 8998 US Hwy 59, Oskaloosa, KS
Sponsor:  Friends of Hospice of Jefferson County
Event:  "Dying is Not a Medical Event: Exploration Into The Dynamics of Dying"
Hours Approved:  six (6) hours
To register: Contact Jeanne Czoch @ 785-863-2447

ADDED 7/18/2014
Date:  November 12, 2014
Location:  Don CeSar Beach Resort in St. Pete, FL
Sponsor:   Kates-Boylston Publications

Event:    4th Annual Cremation Strategies Conference
Hours approved: four and one half (4.5) hours

To register contact:  Thomas Parmalee- phone: 732-730-2586; fax 732-730-2515; email:; online registration:

ADDED 7/18/2014
Date:  November 13-14, 2014
Location:  Don CeSar Beach Resort in St. Pete, FL
Sponsor:   Kates-Boylston Publications

Event:    9th Annual Funeral Service Business Plan
Hours approved: six (6) hours

To register contact:  Thomas Parmalee- phone: 732-730-2586; fax 732-730-2515; email:; online registration:

ADDED 6/11/2014
Date:  November 13-14, 2014
Location:  Las Vegas Nevada
The Dodge Institute for Advanced Mortuary Studies
Event:   Embalming- The Challenges & The Rewards
Hours approved: 9 hours

To register contact: Kristin Doucet  at 1-800-443-6343

ADDED 10/13/2014
Date:  November 13, 2014
Location:  1410 S. Museum Campus Drive, Chicago, IL.
The Aurora Casket Co.
Event:   Marketing FUneral Service to Today's Consumer
Hours approved: 5 hours

To register online click on following link:

ADDED 10/9/2014
Date:  January 14-16, 2015
Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada
International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA)
Event:   Wide World of Sales Conference
Hours approved: six (6) hours
NOTE: five programs have not been approved for continuing education: "Level 4 Creation; I Didn't Know We Could Do That; Personal Empowerment, Execution and Development; Sales Communications A to Z; Serve More, Sell More"

To register write: Meetings Department, ICCFA, 107 Carpenter Drive, Suite 100, Sterling, VA 20164-4468

ADDED 9/22/2014
Date:  Begins April 22, 2015 through April 22, 2016
Location:   Webinar and/or DVD, as well as on-site group viewings nationwide
Hospice Foundation of America
Program:    "The Longest Loss: Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia"
Hours approved: 3 hours

To register contact: Kristen Nanjundaram by phone: 202-457-5811, ext. 1005; by email:

Ongoing Programs (Please check with sponsors for availability):
The Dallas Institute of Funeral Service, Dallas, Texas has been approved for continuing education for Kansas licensees and offers the following programs.  These programs are ongoing Monday - Friday via video at the Dallas Institute, Dallas, Texas. They are  available from 8:00 A.M. to 4: 00 P.M. T register contact:  Charlie Fulton, The Dallas Institute, 1-800-235-5444

These programs have been approved for two (2) hours each:
"Improving Your Communication Skills"
"Preparation of the Organ Donation Case"
"The Right Approach to the Difficult Case"
"The Importance of Ethics in Funeral Service"
"Preparation of the Infant Case"

These programs have been approved for three (3) hours each:
"Improving Technical Skills as it Applies to Caring for the Dead" Part 1
"Improving Technical Skills as it Applies to Caring for the Dead" Part 2

These programs have been approved for three and one-half ( 3 1/2) hours each:
"The Funeral Professionals Role in a Mass Fatality"
"Personalizing Funeral Service and the Challenge That Presents"

"History of Funeral Service Tour" - at the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas has been approved for one (1) hour of continuing education credit for Kansas licensees. For more information contact: The National Museum of Funeral History, 415 Barren Springs Drive, Houston, Texas 77090 or call 1 (281) 876-3063.
Please submit your Continuing Education renewal cards prior to your renewal due date ONLY IF THE PROGRAM HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED BY THE BOARD. Kansas continuing education approval cards must be signed by a program representative and submitted to the board in order to receive continuing education credit. Requests submitted without the proper application and/or approval cards or cards that have not been properly signed will not be approved. Blank approval cards and program applications are available through the board's Topeka office upon request at no charge. Cards from approved programs should only be submitted to the board at your individual time of renewal.

There is a maximum of six hours allowed for each individual program topic. Other programs (correspondence courses, video presentations, programs where you are a lecturer) have a 3-hour maximum per program with a total maximum of six hours per renewal period. No more than six of the required 12 hours may be earned this way. CPR and EMT courses can constitute no more than four hours toward any one renewal. No credit is given for repetitious presentations. All of theses programs require approval on the appropriate sponsor application. No examinations of any kind are approved for credit. Insurance programs are not approved for credit unless they deal DIRECTLY with prefinanced funeral agreements. Insurance licenses have continuing education requirements completely separate from licensed embalmers and funeral directors. A maximum of 18 hours can be submitted for any renewal period. Up to six hours can be carried over for your next renewal.

If you wish to apply for continuing education credit for programs not appearing on the approved continuing education lists, PLEASE DO SO WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE PROGRAM DATE on forms provided by the Board. When applying for credit for unapproved programs, please submit ALL necessary information: Complete an outline (indicating all breaks), subject information and explanation, speaker-presenter's experience and credentials and how the program will aid the licensee in better serving the public. Incomplete requests can not and will not be approved. Forms are available upon request at no charge. Approval for program requests can take anywhere from two weeks up until three months. ALL CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM REQUESTS must be submitted on board approval applications. For those of you that wait to submit requests right before you renew--BEWARE! Approval can take up to 90 days. Keep this in mind when making application for approval--especially if your renewal due date is fast approaching!

Renewals not postmarked by their due dates are subject to late penalties and reinstatement fees. We mail them to you at least 45 days prior to the due date, and we also send a reminder notice to you two weeks prior to the due date. Please get them back to us on time. We don't like to charge late fees, and I'm sure you don't like to pay them! Late Embalmer and Funeral Director renewals involve double fees, while a late Assistant Funeral Director renewal requires a new application fee of $150 in addition to an appropriate pro-rated renewal.

It is your responsibility to notify the board if your address changes. Failure to do so could result in mailings not reaching you and could possibly lead to your renewal going unpaid and eventually dropped. Renewals not paid within six (6) months of their due date are automatically dropped! Reinstatement requires that you meet all current requirements, pay a reinstatement fee in addition to all unpaid back fees and submit all back continuing education hours within one year of returning to active status.

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