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K.S.A. 17-1305 - Private Burying Grounds; control by county clerk; actions for damages

   All private burying grounds not otherwise expressly provided for by will, deed, or in the actual possession of the owner in life, shall be under the exclusive control of the county clerk of the county in which said burying ground may be situated; and it is hereby made the duty of said clerk to commence a civil suit or suits for any damages that any other person may do or cause to be done to said burying ground, or to the fence, gates or bars enclosing the same, or any of the graves or monuments therein. The style of any such suit shall be " ____________________, as county clerk of ___________________ county, against _____________________, defendant."

History: L. 1870, ch. 44,  s 1; R.S. 1923, 17-1305;  L. 1976, ch. 145; L. 1977, ch. 109, s 12; July 1

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