Tornado Safety
Preparedness and Awareness

As every Kansan knows, tornadoes can be extremely dangerous and destructive. Kansas is in the heart of "tornado alley," where these powerful forces of nature commonly strike, particularly during the peak months of April, May and June.

Preparedness and awareness are necessary to protect yourself and your family in the event that a tornado strikes in your area. You should have an emergency plan in place so that your family knows what to do in case of a tornado. Family tornado drills are a good idea to help ensure that you all know what to do.

Your family disaster supplies kit should be ready so that you will be prepared in the event that you lose water and electricity in your home. You should also know what to do if you encounter a tornado while you are driving a vehicle and cannot reach the shelter of your own home, or if you live in a mobile home or unsafe structure.

Tornado damage in Wichita, Kansas (above, in 1999) and Tonganoxie, Kansas (below, in 2000).

Be prepared for tornadoes and related severe weather

There are a number of precautions that you can take to protect yourself and your family from tornado-related dangers. Get prepared by making sure you and your family understand what it means when there is a severe thunderstorm watch or warning and a tornado watch or warning. Have a family disaster plan in place for tornadoes, and have a family disaster supplies kit available in your home. Have an emergency weather radio in your home, and when severe weather threatens, listen to stay posted on weather events that might affect you. When a tornado warning is in effect, get to the basement or to the nearest tornado shelter!

Links to More Information

Below you will find a number of links to the latest information about tornado safety issues:

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