Kansas Board of Cosmetology



Upcoming Disinfectant Requirements 01/11/2019


Topeka Testing Center Feedback 02/15/2019

Legislative Notice HB2200 Exempting hair threading from the practice of Cosmetology 02/15/2019

Legislative Notice HB2384 Amending powers, duties and functions of the Kansas state board of cosmetology relating to licensing and hearings 02/26/2019

K.A.R. 69-10-10 03/01/2019

New Guidance Documents 03/05/2019

KBOC 2019 Spring Newsletter Posted 04/22/2019

FDA Notice - Listed tattoo inks have been recalled because they are contaminated with microorganisms 05/16/2019

Milia lancing and Dermaplaning-05/17/2019


Body Art Board Member Representative Needed 01/03/2018

Instructor-in-training Permit Policy Update Notice 01/24/2018

Reminder- Instructors-in-Training Changes 01/31/2018

RE: Marinello Students 02/08/2018

Monthly Hour Reporting 03/07/2018

Monthly Hour Reporting 03/12/2018

A new inspector has been assigned to your area 05/03/2018

School Notice-Apprentice Applications 06/06/2018

Cosmetology Profession Examinations 06/21/2018

KBOC Health & Sanitation Regulations 06/22/2018

KBOC Health & Sanitation Regulations 06/25/2018

Electrology Feedback Needed! Electrolysis Infection Control Regulation (K.A.R. 28-24-12) 07/27/2018

New Topeka Testing Location 08/27/2018

Kansas Licensing Examinations Annual Overview Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 10/02/2018

Practical Exam Update Notice Effective January 1, 2019 10/29/2018

Portable Sink Survey 11/14/2018

Nail Technology Profession Licensees   12/21/2018

Testing Notice- Blood Spill Exam: Topeka 12/26/2018

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