Kansas Board of Cosmetology

Guidance Documents

Index of Guidance Documents

Address Changes Policy 012-12

Appearance by Video Conference for Felony Review Policy 001-13

Application for Body Art Trainer - Previous Disciplinary Action Policy 002-13

Application for Licensure by Felon Policy 001-12

Cosmetology Instructor Continuing Education Policy 001-15

Disciplinary Action for Health/Sanitation Violations Policy 002-12

Duplicate and Replacement Licenses Policy 005-12

Establishment Licensure Policy 004-12

Field Study Requests Policy 008-12

Fine Schedule

Late Application for Apprentice Licensure Policy 011-12

Open Records Requests Policy 009-12

Verification of Body Art Completed Procedures Policy 003-12

Verification of Body Art Trainer Application Policy 010-12

Instructors-in-Training Policy 001-17

Exams in English Policy

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