Kansas Board of Cosmetology

Process for Felony Review



What types of convictions must be disclosed? You only have to report felony convictions within the last five years. You must report all felony convictions within the last five years, even if they did not occur in Kansas or you were told they did not appear on a background check. You DO NOT have to report pending felony charges or convictions that have been expunged or pardoned. 

Why do I have to report my felony conviction? By law, the Board of Cosmetology may consider your felony conviction in deciding whether to grant your application for a license.


The Board requires you to submit the following:


The application, forms and court documents should be sent to the Board in the same envelope.

Incomplete submissions will be returned.

What is the Felony Conviction Disclosure Form? This form provides the Board with information about your conviction in enough detail to permit the Board to make a decision regarding your application.

What is the Felony Conviction Monitoring Form?  This form provides the Board with information regarding your conviction from the monitoring agency. If you are currently serving probation, parole or are on post-release supervision, you must have your monitoring agency complete this form. 

How do I obtain court documents? Court documents can be obtained at the Courthouse from the Clerk of Courts in the County conviction.  If, for some reason, the documents are unavailable, you must provide a letter from the Court stating the documents are not available.

What if my conviction was in another state? It may take some time to obtain your court documents. Most states require that you submit your request in writing along with a payment in order to obtain records.


What does the Board consider when determining whether to grant a license? In determining whether to grant your application for a license, the Board considers the following:

  1. The nature of offense
  2. Any aggravating or extenuating circumstances
  3. The time since offense
  4. Rehabilitation or restitution
  1. Your present moral fitness
  2. Your consciousness of wrongful conduct
  3. Your age/maturity at time of offense
  4. Your present competence/skill


What happens next? After the Board receives your application, forms and court documents, your file will be reviewed by the Board’s Disciplinary Panel.  If the Board approves your application, your license will be issued. If the Board does not approve your application, you will receive an Order stating the reasons for denial.


What if I receive a Summary Proceeding Order refusing to issue my license?  As explained in the Order, you must request a hearing if you want the Board to reconsider its denial of your application.

How do I request a hearing? If you want to request a hearing, you have 15 days from the date printed on the Certificate of Service in the Order to submit your request to the Board office.  Make a written request and send it to the Board office by mail, fax, or email. The request can be a simple sentence: “I, NAME, am writing to request a hearing on Case Number ______.” Sign your name at the bottom.

When are hearings held? Hearings are typically held at the Board office on the second Monday of each month.

What happens at the hearing? The Board’s Disciplinary Panel will hear your statements. You must demonstrate to the Panel that you have been sufficiently rehabilitated to warrant the public trust. You will explain your felony conviction, your rehabilitation efforts and why you should be granted a license.

If you are unable to read any of the information contained on this website, please contact the Kansas Board of Cosmetology. We will be happy to assist you.

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