Midwest HIDTA is a multi-agency coalition consisting of federal, state and local agencies from six states. The mission of the Midwest HIDTA is to reduce drug availability in critical and identified markets by creating and supporting intelligence driven enforcement task forces aimed at eliminating or reducing domestic drug trafficking and its harmful consequences through enhancing and helping to coordinate drug trafficking control efforts among federal, state, and local enforcement agencies. Central to this mission is the expansion of cooperative, multi-jurisdictional law enforcement task forces.


Funds are distributed through the KBI to the HIDTA staff and local law enforcement agencies who participate in the regional effort. The funds are distributed pursuant to a budget and spending plan approved by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. A majority of the funding received in regard to the HIDTA program is passed through the KBI to local law enforcement agencies or to the administrative staff of the regional project. The remainder of the fund has been allocated directly to the KBI to support drug enforcement operations within Kansas. The HIDTA program has allowed the investigative resources of federal, state and local agencies to be pooled into a concentrated effort to identify, target and dismantle organizations that distribute, traffic and/or manufacture illegal drugs. The HIDTA program has allowed a significant amount of federal funding to be used in Kansas to directly benefit local law enforcement and its citizens.