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KBI Employment Disqualifiers

Employment in law enforcement agencies involves public trust. Only those persons whose conduct, character and behavior does not discredit either themselves or the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) will be employed by the KBI. The KBI employment process will address the integrity, ethical conduct, honesty, prejudices, financial responsibility (credit), and past behavior of all applicants.

While the KBI reviews much information and considers the circumstances in many areas regarding an applicants background, the following standards are among those that will automatically disqualify applicants from consideration:

  • Any felony.
  • Any disclosed non-drug felony.
  • Any sexually motivated crime or other offense requiring registration.
  • Any conduct related to domestic violence or stalking incident.
  • Any resisting arrest, attempting to flee and elude, or obstruction of justice.
  • Any conviction related to a crime of deception (theft, fraud, perjury, etc.).
  • Any official misconduct as defined in KSA 21-6002.
  • Any apparent pattern of criminal conduct within last ten (10) years.
  • Any ongoing criminal activity that is inconsistent with the ethical standards of the KBI.
  • Any intentional crime committed while employed with a criminal justice agency.
  • Five (5) or more convictions and/or pleas of nolo contendere within the past two (2) years for moving violations.
  • Any conviction or plea of nolo contendere within the past year for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI).
  • Any misdemeanor crime involving violence within the last five (5) years.
  • Personal local, state, or federal tax liability or delinquent student or government loans unless the applicant is on an approved payment plan.
  • Any participation, membership, support, solicitation, or intentional contribution to any terrorist organization or organization espousing any intent to overthrow the government.
  • Any dishonorable discharge from the military.
  • Any current status as a defendant to a restraining order, protection from abuse (PFA) order, or protection from stalking (PFS) order.
  • Any documented or disclosed gambling problems within the last five (5) years.
  • Any permanent, chronic, or recurring physical or mental condition that would preclude the applicant from performing the essential duties of the position and for which there is no reasonable accommodation.
  • Any drug conviction, diversion, or adjudication; or arrest without disposition.
  • Any illegal sale, distribution, or manufacturing (to include growing) of any drug.
  • Any illegal drug usage other than marijuana or prescription drugs at any time. This includes, but is not limited to: cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, MDMA, LSD, and PCP.
  • Marijuana and Prescription Drug Usage: Any juvenile criminal activity within last three (3) years. Any adult criminal activity within the last five (5) years. Any disclosure of use within last five (5) years.
  • Intentionally falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting pertinent information while completing the employment application, preliminary interview questionnaire(s), polygraph or any other pre-employment document(s).
  • Deliberately making inaccurate, misleading, false, or fraudulent statements during the employment process.
  • Any disciplinary action pertaining to an issue of credibility [Brady/Giglio Material].
  • Illegal residency.

Other Considerations

  • Poor management of personal finances (within the past 5 years). Debts, pending civil suits, garnishments, dispossessory warrants, bankruptcies, etc., will be investigated to determine a candidates' suitability for employment.
  • Any demonstrated lack of judgment or showing of disrespect while in contact with law enforcement officer.
  • Any pending civil action
  • Any past status as a defendant to a restraining order, protection from abuse (PFA) order, or protection from stalking (PFS) order.
  • Poor work history or unresolved negative references.
  • Failure to pass polygraph.
  • Other actions or omissions as determined by the Director or Associate Director to be incompatible with the mission or ethics standards of the KBI.

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