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Welcome to the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission Home Page

The Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission (GEC) is charged with administering, interpreting and enforcing the Campaign Finance Act and laws relating to conflict of interests, financial disclosure and the regulation of lobbying.

These laws establish the public's right to information about the financial affairs of Kansas' public officials, lobbyists and candidates for office. In addition, the GEC renders advisory opinions and can adopt rules and regulations under a less comprehensive conflict of interests law covering local government officials and employees.

Please Note: K.S.A. 25-4142 et seq. and K.S.A. 46-215 et seq. require candidates, lobbyists and state employees to file GEC forms with the Secretary of State, a separate state agency and the public repository for such forms.

Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission * 109 W. 9th Street, Ste 504, Topeka, KS 66612 * Office (785) 296-4219 Fax (785) 296-2548

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