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The Kansas State Employees Health Plan has contacted Caremark regarding our members in flooded areas of SE Kansas. We have asked them to waive any quantity/time limits on prescriptions for members in the affected area so that members can get need medication without delay. The member or their pharmacist will need to call Caremark Customer Service at 1.800.294.6324 so Caremark can enter an override to allow the medication to process correctly.

It is our understanding that some local pharmacies may not be open for business. If member’s pharmacy is not open for business, Caremark can transfer a script to another pharmacy for a member. The member would need to call Caremark Customer Service and tell them they need a script moved and what pharmacy they want to use. Caremark can then review the patient history and transfer the script to that pharmacy. This will only work for existing prescriptions with refills available. If they need a list of their medications, Caremark Customer Service can provide that to them.

The following info will allow the pharmacist to process claims if the member does not have an id card:

ID#: Either State employee’s SSN or employee ID# (9 characters – delete two zeroes after the leading letter to get a 9 digit number)

Date Of Birth:

RXBIN#: 004336



If the member is in need of new health plan identification cards, they may contact our office and we can assist them in obtaining them and mailing them to an address that they designate. If they have any questions or concerns, they may contact us by phone at 785.296.3362 or 785.296.6280 or by email to:


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